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tHE B&B mix

Our Bed & Breakfast Pancake Mix recipe was crafted in the late 1990s at the Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse in Waterbury, Vermont by our Uncle Willie and his husband Uncle Greg. It was originally an option for visitors with gluten sensitivity, but it soon became popular with other guests! Now, you can experience what travelers from throughout the world have enjoyed for decades.

Our pancake mix uses simple ingredients and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It is easily customizable. Use the mix as directed or add other ingredients you love to the batter. Fresh blueberries in season, chocolate chips for the kids, ripened soft bananas that you don't want to throw away, protein powder for the fitness-minded or a lavender essence for a romantic brunch! It is whatever you want it to be. Make it vegan by skipping the eggs and adding a milk alternative!

We recommend serving these pancakes with high-quality real butter and pure Vermont maple syrup! YUM! You can serve these pancakes with eggs, bacon, ham or sausage for a truly hearty breakfast. You'll want to take a nap afterwards!

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